Lavazza Office Coffee System – wzornictwo | grafika | wnętrza

Lavazza and Desall invite you to design an organizer and a docking station – two new products pertaining to the coffee experience “away from home” and dedicated to refreshment areas, meeting rooms, and other areas within the workplace, hotels etc.

Lavazza is looking for two new table-top products that will be positioned in proximity to a coffee machine (OCS, office coffee system) within refreshment areas, meeting rooms, hotels etc. The two products are A) a docking station onto which the coffee machine and cups/mugs can be placed and which presents a closable compartment where coffee-related products can be stored (pods, sugar packs, disposable teaspoons, etc.) and B) an organizer, an element to be positioned next to the coffee machine and which is meant to contain a range of products related to coffee consumption (pods, sugar packs, disposable teaspoons, etc.).

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3 000 euro