GOLDREED INDUSTRIAL DESIGN AWARD – nagroda w dziedzinie wzornictwa przemysłowego

Goldreed Industrial Design Award –  The Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) is an international event that celebrates exceptional design and its contribution to building a more sustainable and harmonious future for people and the planet. With eight broad categories, GIDA 2023 covers the major areas of design applied to private and public life, including manufacturing, communication and technology. Designers, studios, companies and public/private institutions of any nationality are invited to join. Both existing products or innovative concepts are welcome. A generous prize pool of 600,000 Euro will be awarded to 40+ outstanding entries, with a first prize of 133,000 Euro. Participation is free of charge.

Participation: Free of charge and open to designers, studios, companies, and public/private institutes of any nationality.  



Pula nagród: €600,000