„Human/AI Design Challenge” – konkurs na plakat

The 18th edition of the Barcelona Design Week, which will take place from October 16th to 28th, will be associated with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals declared by the United Nations. 

With a global scenario marked by uncertainty, complexity, and volatility, design is a key element for people’s present and future, to create a human future. In this sense, BDW’23 promotes a global initiative of adding SDG number 18: Design for Human Future, which also becomes the motto of the edition.

The conditions of a human future in which design plays a fundamental role are those that have to do with achieving a balance between the importance of human beings as positive agents in the face of the great challenges of contemporaneity. And among these is the urgency to regulate the balance between human creative intelligence and other forms of intelligence created by human beings and now resident in machines, technologies, and digital platforms. This point has recently acquired unprecedented relevance with the launch of OpenAI ChatGPT and other AI platforms.

In this context, we propose to engage design students worldwide in a reflection on how to balance the best relationship between human creative thinking and artificial intelligence, by carrying out a graphic design project assisted by AI content generation algorithms.

The Human/AI Design Challengeconsists of creating a graphic design project that will result in a 70×100 cm poster on the theme „Design for Human Future.” The finalist posters and the winner will be presented in an exhibition during the Barcelona Design Week.

Regulamin: https://barcelonadesignweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/AAFF2-Human-AI-Design-Challenge.pdf


1 500 EURO